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Soft cheeses


      Region: Poitou-Charentes
        Age: 3 weeks
        Classification: Aged Fresh

       Tasting notes: Distinct aroma and a pronounced to sharp flavour.
       Wine match: Pair with a Meursault or Chambole Musigny.


Selles sur Cher

Region: Pays de la Loire
Age: 3 weeks
Classification: Ash covered

Tasting notes: Sweet and nutty flavour.
Wine match: Rose wine


Sainte Maure de Touraine


        Region: Loire Valley
           Age: 10-28 days
           Classification: Aged Fresh

           Tasting notes: Fresh nutty flavour that intensifies to a more aromatic, herbaceous taste typical of Loire goat's cheeses
Wine match: light rose or fruity red wines of the Loire.


Tomme de Chèvre Cendrée 

Region: Loire Valley
Age: 6 weeks
Classification: Soft-Cheese

Tasting notes: hazelnut, mushroom and brush wood notes.
Wine match: Sauvignon, Rose de Provence




Region: Centre
Age:5 weeks
Classification: Aged Fresh

Tasting notes: Covered in salted charcoal ashes,  mild and slightly nutty flavour.
Wine match: Fruity and lively white wines of the Berry and Touraine regions of France, especially Sancerre.