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 Soft cheeses

Buche de Chevre Mon Sire and Nostalgie

The Buches are similar cheese except that the Buche Mon Sire doesn't have the rind on the outside.

Region: Poitou Charentes
Classification: Soft cheese
Tasting notes: Fresh and milky flavour





Buchette Soignon

This cheese is perfect to be eaten toasted on bread with a salad.

Region: Poitou Charentes
Classification: Soft cheese
Tasting notes: Subtle and milky flavour



Region: Poitou Charentes
Age: 10 days to 4 weeks
Classification: Soft cheese
Tasting notes: slightly milky, mild and nutty.
Wine match: Saint Joseph






Region: Perigord
Age:10 days
Classification: Soft cheese
Tasting notes: intense and spicy goat taste



Hard paste cheese

Tomme de Chevre

Region: Loire Valley
Age:at least 6 weeks
Classification: Semi hard paste
Tasting notes: goat aromas with hazelnut, mushroom and brush wood notes