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Beaufort cheese soufflé



80 grams of Beaufort
80 grams of flour
60 grams of butter
½ liter of milk
4 eggs
Salt and pepper


1. First allow the butter to melt in a saucepan.
Add the flour stirring it well into the butter.
2. Slowly pour in the milk, stirring it all the time. Salt and pepper to taste, with a flavoring of nutmeg.
3. While the mixture is cooking continue to stir.
4. Once the mixture starts thickening take it of the flame and add the egg yolks, the grated Beaufort, and the egg whites beaten into a frothy stiff form.
5. Pour the mixture into a soufflé dish that has been well buttered, filling it three quarters full.
6. Sprinkle on a little grated Beaufort cheese and place in a hot oven. Watch carefully as the soufflé rises, at this point it is ready to serve

Bon Appétit !