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Preserving your cheeses

Preserving cheese is a delicate business because it's a "live" product and consequently needs to breath. The best way to preserve a cheese is to store it in a dark, well  ventilated cellar with humidity levels at 85-95 % and a temperature of 10°C. In practice, it is not easy to apply this in a store, that's why it is recommended to store it in a cool place or in a refrigerated counter. At home, you can also keep it in the fridge's vegetable compartment, which is the least cold and most humid part of the fridge. Best to avoid putting your cheeses in boxes or tight sealed plastic containers. It is not good to store cheese for a long time when not best equipped to do so. It is therefore advisable as best you can to buy your cheeses as you go according to your needs in order eat them ripe, as they were intended and thus enjoy the full quality taste.


Please follow theses instructions carefully:

•  Cheeses must be kept in their original packaging for as long a possible.
•  Wrap them individually so they keep their own taste.
•  Pressed cheeses and hard cheeses with cheese mites must be wrapped in cellophane to prevent the mites from spreading in the sales cheese counter.
•  Don't place packaged goat cheeses too far away from each other: their taste ripens progressively over time. Special recommendations for the Picandou: present it on a cheese platter and cover it with a sheet of aluminium foil.



Check that:

•  the cheese is not dry (with the exception of certain goats cheese)
•  the cheese is not chilled at any moment (below 2 °C), which would destroy the product's organic structure.
•  the cheese is not exposed to too high a temperature, which would speed up the fermentation process.




Two last pieces of advice:

•  Place a container full of water in counters that are too dry and replace it everyday.
•  You can also place damp clothe at the back of the counter, which you can hide by decorating it with a straw mat.