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We aim at providing our customers with the best French specialities.

As you will see below, we have fresh bread, saucisson, patés, mustard,
Bonne Maman jams, fish soups, Haribo and Carambar among our sweet range.

Besides we also have a nice selection of decoration items for you or as a present for your friends !


 Everything to go with the cheese

Enjoy fresh sourdough bread every Friday and Saturday, baked by Whitebait Restaurant for us.

Keep your cheese fresher and longer with the cheese paper and bags !

You can also find crackers, fruit pastes and spreads to go with your cheese.


Patés, saucisson and meats products

Saucisson sec - This saucisson, from the Provence region, is a variety of thick, dry cured sausage from France.

Typically made of pork, saucisson are a type of charcuterie similar to salami or summer sausage.

Flavours: Pure Pork, Hazelnut, Beaufort cheese.

Patés, terrines and rillettes - Find the French meat preparation in our deli. Our range includes pork, duck, wild boar, venison and the traditional Campagne terrines but also duck, pork and goose rillettes.

Other meat products - From the Duck Confit to the Cassoulet, you will find the best South-West specialities canned so that you can enjoy them at home. We can also provide you with the secret ingredient of great roasted vege : duck and goose fat. A spoon of it on your vege before you put them in the oven and you are sure to get the best roasted vege. Snails are also available in the deli !


 Mustards and condiments - Besides our mustards, oils and vinegars ; we also have French spices.

Our mustards - From Edmond Fallot, they are traditionally made with milestone. You can provide you with the authentic plain mustard - grainy or not - but also with a range of flavoured ones - tarragon, green pepper, redcurrant, walnuts.

Our oils and vinegar - Our vinegars is produced in the city of Orleans, by the Martin Pouret family for over 200 years! Our range includes red wine, champagne, white wine and balsamic  vinegars. Not only will you find olive oil in our deli but also walnut or hazelnut oil from the recognised oil maker La Croix Verte

Our spices - Our spices range includes the traditional Herbes de Provence (mixed hers), the Basque Piment d'Espelette and Harissa (spicy paste). You will also find cornichons (French gerkins) and onions on our shelves.



Bonne Maman Jams - We are proud to present you the whole range of Bonne Maman jams and jellies - we have fruits jams (Strawberry, Apricot, Raspberry, Four Fruits, Blueberry, Peach...), jellies (Quince and Redcurrant) but also Chesnut and Caramel spreads.

Savory Spreads - Our Delice du Luberon range offers a great taste of the South flavours. It goes perfectly with toasted bread or crackers !

Confits, relish, jelly and others jams


Sea products

Canned fish - We offer you a premium selection of canned sardines, anchovies - marinated with olive oil, lemon or tomatoes.

Fish soups - Our range includes fish soup but also lobster and crayfish bisque. We also have the rouille to go on toast with your fish specialities


For the sweet tooth

Candies - You will find the Haribo, Carambar and Flavigny (anise flavour candies) range.

Chocolate - We are proud to introduce the Valrhona chocolate, recognised as one of the best chocolate in the world ! But we also have chocolate truffles,

Others sweet products - Our range of sweet products includes Bonne Maman sweet tartlets (Lemon, Raspberry or Caramel-Chocolate), traditional Galettes and Madeleines.